I provide nutritional information for restaurant menus & offer a bespoke service which is tailored to customer requirements.

Prices start at just £4 per recipe when you purchase online. Visit the “Buy Online” page for all pricing options and details. 

Be Prepared:

Are you ready to tell your customers the nutritional values of your foods?

The UK government is currently running a consultation about plans to introduce a mandatory calorie labeling scheme. This will affect almost all business* which serve food to the public.

Businesses will have to display accurate calorie information on all food packaging or on menus at the point where an order is normally taken.  

Consumers are very supportive of the plans while many food business owners are worried about the extra burden.

An example of calorific values displayed on a menu

How does it work?

I work with you and your business to analyse your menu, recipes and the methods you use. Then I produce a report that has all the information you need to comply with the coming legislation (and more) so you can provide your customers with the information they want. You can then add the information to your menus and website or write it on your chalk boards, or I can arrange this for you.
My service is 100% confidential and I don’t share any of your recipe information with anyone.

An example of a full analysis
An example of a standard analysis
An example of a standard analysis
An example of a standard analysis

You can buy online and I will promptly be in contact with you or you can call my office and we can discuss your needs and place an order over the telephone.  

Rick Langford:

I’m a qualified diet and nutrition adviser and chef. I have over ten years experience working with food in a pubs and restaurants.
I’m a former head chef  and manager and i’m proud that I can do any job in the Kitchen. I’m interested in food and understanding food.
I specialise in nutrition and providing accurate nutritional information.

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